Greetings to my new (and hopefully more active) blog!  My name is Ami and this blog is about the world of little toy line called…. My Little Pony.

As a child from the 80s,  I have much love for the 80s,  especially for the toy lines and cartoons from that time.  As an adult, my hobbies and passions revolve around collecting toys from the past and present and collecting toy and cartoon related memorabilia.  From Tonner dolls to walmart Barbies.  From 90s Toy Biz X-Men action figures to Bowen Marvel Comic statues. My loving husband shares this addictive hobby as well.  You can just  imagine our entire house is filled with collectibles of all kinds! Comics, action figures, lego sets, statues, animation cels, dolls, etc.

Out of all these collectibles I enjoy, there is one franchise that stands far above all the others. The My Little Ponies. In 2006, when my husband and I moved to a better house, I decided that this franchise collection was large enough and special enough to warrant their own room of the house.  Christened the Pony room, everything MLP related that I own (with small exceptions) are gathered together in this room.  The Pony room is zen.  A place to relax, even though the pony room is in constant “tweak” mode.  I am always moving things here or there, putting up new shelves, moving a play set here to there, or some other thing.

In early 2010, I completed a long time goal of acquiring all North American My Little Ponies of the generation 1 line.  That hasn’t stopped me from collecting more.  There are still many MLP items from all over the world to track down!  I wanted to create a blog to show off the pony room,  my current collection ponies, and to talk about current pony items i’m after or that have just arrived.  It will probably take a while to show off everything in the pony room, but I wanted to make something fun! Not just another stuffy, boring gallery blog with no personality.  I’m not the best blogger in the world, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this works out to be a fun learning experience and some pleasant MLP eye candy for myself and all the collectors/ MLP fans that stop by!

– Ami