Before the  official original 6  My Little Pony release by Hasbro in 1982, there was another pony in 1981 that Hasbro released.  Under the Romper  label brand by Hasbro, this hard plastic pony stands about  11 inches high.   Unfortunately, this girl has no name.  😦  She does however come with several accessories!  The pony has a brown body color, with a light blonde color hair for her mane and tail.  This pretty pony has a white mark between her eyes, down her nose.  She also has large white spots on the front of her legs.  No typical MLP symbol on her backside. Real eyelashes and pretty blue eyes.  Just under her chin she has a little trigger.  When the trigger is pulled, her ears and tail wiggle.

There is a variant version of the brown pony.  Everything is the same except she has a white spot on both sides of her backside.  Not much info is known about this variant.  It’s unclear if this pony was mixed in with the non-spot brown pony, or if the spotted pony was a release that came out with a baby- MLP that would later be known as Butterscotch (though she was called Beautiful Baby for this packaged deal)!

The box for the brown My Pretty Pony showed very little resemblance to anything My Little Pony-ish. No rainbows or pastels. Hard to even seen that it was Hasbro related.  The variant Pretty pony with the spot on her backside may have come in a different box.  Somewhere around late 1981 to early 1982, the My Pretty Pony was re-released with a box that looked much more MLP-ish.  It had a rainbow long, and soft pastel colors all over the box. This re-release came with the above mentioned Beautiful Baby (Butterscoth).

Front picture of the My Pretty Pony Romper Room box.

Side box art for the My Pretty Pony Romper Room.

Back box art for My Pretty Pony.

At some point during the My Pretty Pony run,  there was a second pony released.  Her actual color varies from fan to fan. Some say she’s yellow.  Others say she’s pink-ish.  While others claim it’s peach colored.  I happen to think she is a peach/ yellow-ish in body color.  It’s not known for 100% sure if there are variations of this pony with different body colors, or if her plastic has just faded to different shades. The pony community seems very split on this.  She has a group of red hearts as her symbol on both sides of her rump.  Her hair was a pretty pink.  She looks like a large version of  Peachy.  She also has no name. 😦 Aww…  She comes with the same accessories but of a different color.

I’m not sure if she came in a Romper Room box or the re-released box that looked more MLP-ish.

My Pretty Pony (brown) Accesories:

  • Tan cowboy hat w/ red paper band
  • Red blanket
  • 2 Red ribbons
  • 1 Purple ribbon
  • Blue comb
  • Blue grooming brush

My Pretty Pony (yellowish) Accessories:

  • White cowboy hat w/ purple band
  • Purple blanket
  • 2 Yellow ribbons
  • 1 Blue ribbon
  • Purple comb
  • Purple grooming brush

Well, that’s about it!  🙂 Hope everyone had fun and enjoyed my poorly taken photos of my  My Pretty Ponines.

Stay tuned for the next pony post! Not sure of what it will be about yet…. so, see ya then!

– Ami