Hi there! It’s Ami again.  🙂

Today I wanted to talk about My Little Pony Bubble bath for Generation 1 (that’s what the first 80s to early 90s ponies are called, in case you didn’t know  ).

My Little Pony has a TON of merchandise. Lunch box, banks, sticker, etc.  I love to collect MLP merchandise just as much as I love to collect the ponies themselves.   There are tons of sites and books to help id your ponies, but not a lot of sites or guides for the other MLP products.  For whatever reason, there just isn’t much info around.  I’m sure there are still items out there that you or I have never even seen.  Not to mention if there is a variant of that item!  I know I feel like every day I find something that I didn’t even know existed the day before and I’ve been a fan of MLP for 25 years, so…. exactly.

Well, as I said up there *points to the start of the post* the items I wanted to talk about today …. are the MLP Bubble Baths for G1.

Now, my info is rather limited itself… so if anyone wants to add some input, by all means please post it! 🙂

The most common G1 bubble bath containers that a fan might see around would be the type that comes in a bottle the shape of a pony!  It’s defiantly MY personal fave type.  🙂  It gives the item personality and obviously it would make bath time that much more fun.

I only have one of these containers. 😦    🙂 but I adore her!

It’s Tassels! Unscrew her head and out comes the bubble bath. 😮   The only markings on her, is a little date down at the base that says Hasbro 1990. And speaking of base, Tassels stands in a dark green flowery meadow.

This particular version has REAL hair to brush and comes with a pretty little ribbon in her hair.

I have seen another version of Tassels that has molded hair, similar body and base. I’m not sure if it is the same body or not though.  I have not seen enough photos of the molded hair Tassels to know for sure. Both have printed carousel markings. The date for this version is also 1990. I don’t own a molded hair Tassels, but MLP fan Leonie does and she kindly allowed me to post her picture here so everyone can see the differences. 😀

Tassels with molded hair

Leonie's pony shapped bubble bath bottle- Tassels with the molded hair.

It appears that all of the pony shaped bubble bath containers came out around this time.  1990 was G1: Year 9  on the MLP timeline.  After the next year, the G1 MLP line would be canceled in North America.  😦  Boo!  Year 10 was a hard year, since the line was ending,  items were getting harder to find.  Some of the ponies out at this time were kind of odd, and a lot of fans at the time… well, weren’t big fans of those ponies.  Slow ponies getting off the shelf = less amount the stores are going to order.  Why order more of a toy that isn’t selling well?  You wouldn’t.   If Year 10 was scarce, how was Year 9?  Well… that’s a good question.  I’m not sure.  I was a tween at the time, and didn’t realize at the time to look for something like that.

In any event, the pony shaped pony containers aren’t exactly rare, but I would classify them as hard to find.  You see one around every now and then, but not really that often, you know?

Now, Tassels was a Merry-go-round pony.  That set came out in G1: Year 7 ( 1988-1989).  In 1990, I wonder why Tassels was choosen?  Fan favorite at the time?  Marketably pleasing to the eye? Don’t know.

Oh no! Her head fell off!!

I do know that the real hair pony shaped bottle made at least 1 other pony.   A G1: Year 9 (hey, we are in the matching year and set this time!) Rockin’ Beat Pony named Half Note.  She comes in basically the same lower half of the bottle that Tassels has. The base is the same meadowy field, yet a lighter green color. I don’t know if Half Note has a molded hair version or not.

Are there other real hair pony bubble bath bottles?  Don’t know that either I’m afraid. D: Aww… They’re so cute! I know.

So… that’s it for Pony bubble baths, right?

WRONG! Sit back down, we have a little more to go! 😮

So far we talked about a pony shaped bubble bath bottle that has real hair, and a simular variation with molded hair.  Well, there is one more type of pony shaped bubble bath bottle style!  This one has no flower /meadow base.  The bottle is meant to be just the pony.  I don’t know if it’s because this bottle lacks a meadow base or not, but it appears to be smaller then the bottles described earlier.  Date is unknown at the moment.  The pony IS however ID’d.  She is a G1: Year 6 (1988-88)  Twice-as-Fancy (set 2) pony named Merriweather!  A 1988 pony? Does that mean this bubble bath came out in Year 6? Or did she come out at the same time as the others, in Year 9?  Sorry, don’t know.  :\  But… if all the pony shaped bottles came out in the same year, wouldn’t they make all the bottles from the same molds? Why would would they make at least 2 different ponies with one bottle body style, yet have at least 1 other pony in this possible set with a noticeably different bottle body? Just something to think about.

Now…. we get to the last known bubble bath style for G1.  I personally think it’s kind of boring after the fun bottle ponies, but that’s just me.  🙂   This type of bottle is the typical type of Mr. Bubble-styled bottle, only shorter.  It stands about 5 to 6 inches high and holds 4 oz of bubble bath.  White bottle and white screw on cap, with a pink label with the normal MLP rainbow logo and the date at the bottom of the label reads 1993.  Wha-? 1993?? But the North American line ended in 1992!  Well… what can I say…? This type of bubble bath bottle came at the very end of the line, I assume.  The label makes no indication of being from the UK, so I think it is a NA release… just with horrible timing (or maybe a last hooray?).   There is a pony on the label is a Merry-go-Round pony (Diamond Dreams) just like the very first bottle we talked about waaayyy back at the top of the post. 🙂  Why the change? Don’t know. *Shrug*   Are there other ponies that made apperances on this style of bubble bath bottle?  Guess what..? That’s right. Don’t know.  Since it was defiantly the end of the line in 1993, the shelf life for any MLP bubble bath at this time would most likely  be short. I would like to know more about it as well!  So… that means we just keep looking around for more clues so we can solve the bubble bath mystery.  😮

Well, that’s all for this post! ❤  Had lots of fun. Thanks to Leonie once again for the picture!  Until next time….

– Ami