Alright! My first “New Edition” post!! ūüėÄ

If you’ve been following along so far, you would have heard me mention a few times that this blogs is to document my completed North American My Little Pony collection and my misc. pony related merchandise.

After getting the last pony, I decided to stop collecting…..

HAHAHA! AS IF!! Yeah, right. Work this hard for more years then I can count to collect all the ponies, to make a room JUST for them, to hand re-create / repair their clothing, to repair and clean the ponies themselves and now I’m just going to stop it all now?? No way!!! ūüėģ

So, what IS the next step in the MLP collection you say?¬† Well… that would be… accessories!!¬† Not so much worried about brushes and ribbons,¬† but if a pony came with a barrette, or a toy of some sort, I would like to add that item to their displays.

So while posting about what I have in the Pony Room, or posting MLP random information, I will have a post for whenever I get a hold of a new accessories.

And now…. for today’s new edition! My very first sandbox accessory. ūüėģ

Pony & Pals accesory

My first sandbox!!! ‚̧

This particular (blurry) sandbox is purple. At least I’m assuming it’s ¬†purple.¬† There is always that annoying chance that it was a faded color accesory. Sometimes just a slight fade can leave you scratching your head for a bit while trying to track down the correct info. >.< ¬†So…going with the purple sandbox, it could belong to ¬†either year 6 (1987-1988) Newborn Twins Big Top & Toppy or it could go to Baby Ponies & Pony Pals set from year 7 (1988-1989)

I went “EENIE MEENIE MINEY MOE!” and the lucky pony set that gets the purple sandbox is…. Baby Pony Stripes and Pony Pal baby Nectar the panda!

Baby Stripes & Baby Nectar¬† come from the awkward-looking Baby Ponies & Pony Pals set. The pony pals are the awkward¬† part…. They are baby animals whose colors and symbols match the baby ponies. Sounds cute, but they are some strange looking guys.¬† ūüėģ¬†¬† I personally think the cutest one, would just so happen to be… Baby Nectar, the blue and white Panda!

Baby Ponies & Pony Pals came out as a 2 pack set.  Both the baby pony and the pal look similar in colors and they share the same logo.

This 2 pack came out after set 1 and set 2 of Pony¬†Friends… which was JUST the animal.

The full Baby Ponies & Pony Pals set list:

  • Baby Fleecy & Baby Woolley the Lamb
  • Baby Lucky Leaf & Baby leafy the Calf
  • Baby Pockets & Baby Hoppy the Kangaroo
  • and of course, Baby Stripes & Baby Nectar the Panda

My Baby Ponies & Pony Pals set sit on a corner shelf right above the playground of the¬†Lullaby¬†Nursery Playset. It’s a tight squeeze though. ¬†I don’t have many of the¬†accessories¬†for this set so far. ¬†When I eventually track down more, I might have to move these guys off to a shelf that has more room! D: That would suck!